A state of the art, semi-permanent eyelash extensions treatment. Ideal if you want to lengthen your lashes and define your eyes.

For the ultimate, natural eyelash look!

What are Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau Lashes are very different to traditional false eyelashes simply because the treatment involves individual lashes being adhered, one by one, to your existing eyelashes.

What are the benefits

Nouveau Lashes are very light and therefore feel and look very natural, although enhanced. The lashes are available in varying length and thickness so you can have the look you want, whether that is completely natural or more glamorous.

Nouveau Lashes treatments

Each Nouveau Lash extension is applied individually, so one false lash to a real eye lash, which means the overall look is very natural. They don’t look false because they do not clump together, unlike traditional false eyelash extensions, neither do they feel heavy and uncomfortable to wear. This technique also means you can safely add ‘in-fills’ to replace those lashes that have naturally shed.

The procedure itself takes a longer than other treatments and takes a great deal of concentration and skill which is why your Perfect harmony technicians have received the very best training.

Your Questions

  • What type of lashes do you use?

At Perfect Harmony we only use the best products our therapists have been trained by the best in the country – Nouveau Lashes who are renowned in the beauty industry for their excellent training and source of products.

  • How can I have my lashes?

Lashes are available in:

  • Natural – added length and volume
  • Glamorous – with extra length and volume
  • Will I need them ‘topping up’ ?

Maintenance treatments are required to keep a full and neat look, this is because you are losing lashes naturally every day.

Maintenance treatments are normally required every 2-3 weeks.

  • Are there things I need to do or avoid after treatment?

Aftercare Advice – For the best results:

  • Do not allow any contact with water within the first 24 hours of treatment.
  • Do not use very hot water or steam your face in the first 48 hours.
  • Do not use a waterproof mascara as they are oil based which may damage the bond. We have nouveau mascaras in stock for you to purchase.
  • Remove the mascara with oil free products.
  • Do not use lash curlers as these may damage the bond.
  • Do not perm the lashes after treatment. If you require a curl or bend to the lash then a LVL treatment would be advisable prior to lash extensions.
  • Do not pull or play with the lashes as this could loosen them.
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes.
  • Do not pull the extensions or any loosened glue as this will damage your own lashes.
  • Always book an appointment for a therapist to remove the lashes professionally.
  • Do I need a patch test?

Nouveau stipulate that there is no reason to patch text prior to the application of lashes as neither the lash, adhesive or removal product goes near the skin, however of you would feel more comfortable if we did a patch test for you them please contact the salon 48 hours prior to treatment.

All medical details needed to be recorded on our salon record cards to prevent any negative outcome to treatment as Perfect Harmony will not hold any responsibility in the event of an adverse reaction due to lack of information given.

  • How do I remove my lashes if I don’t want them anymore?

Please book in to have your lashes removed professionally as this will prevent damage to your own lashes.

There is a small charge for this service and you will be with us approximately 30 minutes.

  • Can lash extensions ruin my own lashes?

No not at all. If they are removed correctly and you don’t pull and play with them your lashes will be fine, they will appear different due to you being used to length and volume for a while but there will be no long term damage to your natural lashes.

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Treat yourself

Nouveau Lashes – £60 (90 minutes)

Treatment times are approximate, a therapist will discuss and confirm at the time of booking.

This is a great salon - I was so impressed with the staff they were all very friendly and helpful and gave me loads of advice.

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I've had HD brows done twice by Terrie and had dermaplaning done earlier this week. All the staff are really friendly and explained the process of everything to me. Will definitely be returning!

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Just had a derma plane facial and loved it. Felt relaxed and comfortable all the way though and my skin feels amazing! I Will definitely be recommending to friends and family x

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