Effective removal of skin disorders and blemishes.

Using electrolysis a wide diversity of skin blemishes can be quickly and easily treated with immediate and effective results offering an eventual blemish free smooth skin.

Electrolysis was used as early as the 1900s but today it has progressed a long way and with modern technology the treatment was safe, comfortable and effective.

Facial Thread Veins (Telangectasia)

Also known as ‘broken capillaries’, ‘dilated capillaries’. Formed from very thin walls which constantly dilate and constrict, during time these walls lose their elasticity and become permanently dilated. Factors causing these thread veins are: ageing, hereditary, pregnancy, smoking, extreme temperatures and weather exposure as well as skin fragility.

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Blood Spot (Campbell de Morgan)

Blood Spots

Price from £50.00

These blemishes are dome shaped or slightly raised bright red vascular spots which lie just under the surface of the skin. Often found on the torso. Over the age of 30 most people will have at least one blood spot and they are more common in men than women.

Spider Naevus

This blemish is identified by a central red spot, with smaller dilated capillaries radiating from it – like the legs of a spider. They can be found in clumps on the cheeks or chest or in isolation.

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Skin Tags (Verruca Filiformi)

Skin Tags

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Skin tags appear like a small mushroom either pigmented or flesh coloured and can be anything from the size of a tiny speck to a small grain of rice and sometimes larger than the size of a pea. Mostly commonly found on the neck, underarm or areas of friction.

Whiteheads (Milia)

These are tiny hard white ‘pearl’ like lumps, which contain keratin and lie just under the surface of the skin. Often associated with dry dehydrated skin and found most commonly on the upper cheeks and around the eyes.

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There are many types of warts like: plane, common, seborrheic and verrucas. They can be found in isolation of in clusters and can grow up to two inches across in the case of seborrheic warts, which can appear with age.

Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra

Identified by smooth, dome shaped brown to black papules. A common popular disorder found on black skin in adolescence and found mainly on the cheeks, neck and upper chest.

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Both hairs in moles and the moles themselves can be treated by a trained ACP technician, once treatment has commenced the mole may reduce in size and colour.

Advanced Cosmetic Procedures Questions

  • What actually happens in advanced electrolysis for capillaries?

The tip of the finest, smallest probe similar to an eyelash is introduced along the line of the capillary and a tiny current is discharged. This dries up and destroys the vessel.

  • Will my blemish return?

The treated blemish will not return but we cannot prevent new ones appearing if you are prone to them, it depends upon the root cause.

  • How long does it take and how many treatments will I require?

ACP treatments are very safe and effective and often offer instantaneous results. Length of treatment very much depends on the problem, this will be discussed at the time of consultation although it is difficult to state a definitive time.

  • How much does it cost?

You pay for the length of time you are treated with a minimum of 15 minutes, the cost starts from £50.00 per treatment session.

This is a great salon - I was so impressed with the staff they were all very friendly and helpful and gave me loads of advice.

Janette, Sprotbrough / Facebook

I've had HD brows done twice by Terrie and had dermaplaning done earlier this week. All the staff are really friendly and explained the process of everything to me. Will definitely be returning!

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Just had a derma plane facial and loved it. Felt relaxed and comfortable all the way though and my skin feels amazing! I Will definitely be recommending to friends and family x

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